Automated systems for sliding doors

Passage opening

700 – 4.000 mm

Max. leaf weight

140 – 2 x 110 Kg

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  • L’automazione FAAC SERIE 940 è indicata per porte pedonali con funzioni speciali, come ad esempio la sicurezza nelle banche o negli aeroporti, dove la conformità della funzione specifica ai requisiti dell’applicazione prevale sulla Norma Europea EN16005.
  • FAAC SERIES 940 automations are supplied in the length and configuration required by the customer.
  • The range consists of different models which feature actuation of single or double leaves, self-supporting or supported head sections, possible double motor, and actuation of single or double telescopic leaves.
  • medium-heavy, single and double leaf, telescopic and with double motor


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