Electronic control unit

Use application field

For 230V vehicle barriers

  • It can be used together with all following barrier models: FAAC 620, 640, 642 INOX.


Item code





Power supply voltage

220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Max. power

7 W

Motor max power

300 W

Max. accessories load

500 mA

Accessories power supply



3 keys (+, -, F) and display

Operating logic

Automatic, Automatic 1, Semi-automatic, Parking, Parking-Automatic, Condominium, Condominium-Automatic, FAAC-CITY, Manned, Remote, Custom

Programmable functions

Logic, Pause time, Thrust, Loop l and 2, Torque at initial thrust, Pre-flashing, Slow Closing, Deceleration time, Work time, LED output, Failsafe output, Status output, BUS output, Service Request

Work time

Programmable (from 0 to 4 min)

Pause time

Programmable (from 0 to 4 min)

Thrust power

Programmable on 50 levels

Terminal board inputs

Loop 1, Loop 2, Open, Close,Safety in closing, Stop, Emergency, 230V~ Power supply + Earth

Terminal board outputs

Flashing lamp, fan, motor, 24V power supply, fail-safe, status output, 24 Vdc indicator light, BUS, 4 programmable outputs in 18 different functions

Rapid connector

5-pin fitting for MINIDEC, DECODER or RP/RP2 receiver, Opening and closing limit switches, motor capacitor, beam release sensor

Integrated detector 2 independent channels

Real time self-calibration, sensitivity independent from loop geometry, loop operating frequency adjustment, message of “loop engaged” with LED display, loop status can be directed to programmable outputs, adjustment time over 2 levels.

Protection Fuses

F1=F 5A-250V~ F2=T 0.8A-250V~

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C


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